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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

1. Swallow The Sun

It's February and I just want April 
To take my hand and pick me up again. 
Yeah I'm numb, but it's really not that bad. 
Love life til you get it wrong, Take a breath and turn your head. 
Oh my god I've gotta get out of this trend. 
It's 8:00 in the middle of a last chance, 
Can't we just pretend we don't know, 
Anything or anyone or anywhere anyway. 
It's kinda scary in the dark in the dim light, 
Can't I just pretend I don't mind, 
Everything or everyone or everywhere anyway. 
I've got a lot of life and you've got nothing. 
Don't swallow the sun, The moon isn't bright enough. 
We're all like flashlights, Useless til you turn us on. 
Sex and cigarettes are real, the apocalypse 
Is Fate, replace the "t" with a "k". 
Religion's a reminder that our past is filled with liars. 
I spell my name with capital letters, 
But I don't talk much 'cause I'm a beginner at this life thing. 
Yeah I'm young but that don't mean much here. 
If everyone knows that they're gonna grow old, 
Then why do we act like why we don't like the past? 
If we had the chance we'd do it all over again. 
I've spent 21 years Replacing my old fears for new ones. 
I've asked why, how, and where? 
More times than I care to remember. 
I've got 7 days 'til a new week comes, 
And 24 hours to convince myself I'm real, 
'Cause today I'm not so sure I even exist. 
Sitting by the sinners on a bad day 
Everybody's kiss is contagious 
I'm tired of watching wars on my tv screen 
There's not an easy way to say this 
Nobody likes a winter 
Sitting on the wind while the trees get thinner 
Can't you just pretend your a good kid?
Can't I just pretend I really give a shit,
Even though I don't really know how I want to live? 
I promise I'll be a better person this time next year

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