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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

3. Technicolor Eyes

I like saturdays and the rocket summer. 
Blue skies and the morning's air. 
I like you, you like me. 
There's something wrong with this picture. 
Let's turn it upside down so we can see. 
The insecurities caused by the last four years 
Of economic downsizing in the eastern us. 
I like february along with tilly and the wall. 
Pretty pictures and shirts that are too small. 
For my child-like figure that you're so in love with. 
I like the autumn's leaves and bright eyes. 
Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. 
Stands strong in my favorites of all time. 
Along with you and your technicolor eyes. 
You say johnny cash is your favorite singer. 
But you've never heard folsom prison blues. 
How do you expect me to believe you. 
I was never much on country songs but. 
Someone should really tell you to come home. 
'cause it's getting (awfully) late. 
And your dinner's getting cold. 
I like simple songs with pretty words. 
I tried poetry, but it's just no good. 
The pages get lost, besides I'd much rather sing to you. 
I love living life with you by my side. 
You're a smart kid with a beautiful smile. 
And oh god those technicolor eyes. 
I like saturdays and the rocket summer. 
Night skies and that lovely stare. 
I like you, you like me. 
So lets lock all the doors. 
There's nothing outside we need to see. 
'cause we've got love. 
Yeah we've got a tv we can watch "Friends" all we want. 
And we can laugh at how I laugh like Ross when I get nervous. 
And we don't have to worry about tomorrow. 
Because we know it's gonna come. 
Whether we want it to or not

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