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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

14. The Future Is A Masterpiece

Fuck love, I'm gonna keep my day job 
Celebrate the life that I've already got 
With a bottle of something 
that'll make this day less relevant 
Fuck life, I'm gonna put up a fight 
From what I hear the trend is 
that we're all gonna die 
So if I'm gonna fuck it up 
then I might as well fuck it up right 
Everybody knows how 
Tomorrow's such a letdown 
We wake up wondering 
Just to do it all over again 
But no one wants to admit 
That they actually kinda like it 
When they end up with another reason 
not to give up just yet 
You can't go to hell if it isn't real 
But if it is I'm sure I'll see you there 
We can talk about how surprised we are it even exists 
You said you have to go I don't, 
don't really know 
Why you tend to give up 
There's so much more, if only you'd look

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