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Backseat Goodbye Lyrics

11. The Sky Isn't Listening

Darling I think it's time we leave. 
It's really coming down out there. 
And you are too. 
From this evening so full of life. 
So full of friends we never knew we had. 
We're just a couple of kids. 
Lost in november's kind grasp. 
Yeah it'll come and we'll go. 
Forever never seemed so close. 
As when you put your hands in my pockets. 
And said "i'm quite fond of you kid. 
I think we'll be just fine. 
You keep the sky, I'll settle for that look in your eyes." 
And I know it's been a long day. 
But you're still alive. 
So you've got nothing to complain about tonight. 
We can walk if you'd like. 
Or spin in circles I don't care. 
Either way I'm in love with where we're going. 
And the streetlights that lead us there. 
Will whisper in our ears. 
Sweet nothings about how they wish they we're alive during the daytime. 
Darling I think it's time we believe. 
The things they said were never true. 
'cause look at this, yeah look at me look at you. 
We wear our flaws like a scarf. 
And count backwards because we can. 
There's no need for reasons in the winter seasons (this year). 
We're all too cold to care. 
We're all too lost to lie. 
We're all a little under the weather. 
We're all living to die. 
You say too much of a bad thing. 
Can never do one right. 
I say it's all in bad timing. 
Yeah just turn off the lights. 
Let the moonlight lead the way. 
Sing a song or two, I'd say. 
It'll clear up soon there's no need. 
To call it a day. 
I know I'm not one. 
To question life and how we live it. 
But I don't care I'm gonna do it any way. 
I don't give damn what you have to say. 
Yeah I'll speak as I please. 
I'll walk on water I don't mind. 
Getting my feet a little wet to prove I'm right. 
Those worries only run so deep. 
Your doubt can't save you from the truth. 
So caught up in the memory. 
You don't know what to do. 
Well I'll tell you in a word or two. 
"give up". 
It's not worth it to save yourself. 
You might as well save someone else. 
And no I'm not talking about death. 
Or god and the other fairytales you love. 
This is a fucked up place your living in kid. 
And all you need is love

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