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Bad Religion Lyrics

8. God's Love

Striking at mental apparitions 
Like a drunk on a vacant street 
Silently beset by the hands of time 
Indelicate in its fury
An aberrant crack as skeletons yield 
To unrelenting gravity 
While viruses prowl for helpless victims 
Who succumb rapidly 

(Tell me!) Tell me; where is the love? 
In a careless creation 
When there’s no “above” 
There’s no justice 
Just a cause and a cure
And a bounty of suffering 
It seems we all endure 
And what I’m frightened of 
Is that they call it “God’s love” 

Twisted torment, make-believe
There’s a truth and we all submit 
“Believe my eyes,” my brain complies
To all that they interpret 


I know there’s no reason for alarm 
But who needs perspective when it comes to pain and harm 
We can change our minds; there’s a better prize 

But first you’ve got to… 

They call it God’s love 
My pain is God’s love

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