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Bad Religion Lyrics

6. Materialist

You're obsessed and distressed 'cause you can't make any sense
Of the ludicrous nonsense and incipient senescence
That will deem your common sense useless.
This ain't no recess.

I wanna believe in you, but my plan keeps falling through.
I know I have to face the harshness, grin and bear the truth.
And I have to walk this mile in my own shoes (but I'm no fool).

I'm materialist, a full-blown realist.
I guess I'm full of doubt, so I'm prone to have it out
With you.

I'm materialist; there ain't no fear in this.
It's here for all to see, so don't talk of hidden mystery
With me.

Mind over matter; it really don't matter
If the street's idle chatter turns your heartstrings to tatters.
Flatter hopes don't flatter and soul batter won't congeal to mend a life
That's shattered into shards.

Was it in the cards?

The process of belief is an elixir when you're weak.
I must confess, at times, I indulge it on the sneak,
But generally, my outlook's not so bleak (and I'm not meek).

I'm materialist; call me a humanist.
I guess I'm full of doubt, so I'll gladly have it out
With you.

I'm materialist; I ain't no deist.
It's there for all to see, so don't of hidden mystery
With me.

Like Rome under Nero, our future's one big zero,
Recycling the past to meet immediate needs.
And through it all, we amble forth with persevere and climb
Our mountains of regret to sow our seeds.

I'm materialist; I'm materialist.
I'm materialist; I'm materialist.

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