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Bad Religion Lyrics

13. You Don't Belong

Hey you,
Is there something worth aspiring to?
And can it be found in a record store?
Well, it's not there anymore.

Just think of all the things we did.
We were different, just like all the other kids.

Missy was a teen blue video star.
Tom took his life in his mother's car.
Milo went to college, but you knew about that.

Rodney played our record; GG started riots.
Laurie was always quiet.
She was battling depression.

Hey you,
Is there something worth belonging to?
And can I pick it up for a song
Or a diploma or a worthy cause?

Well, let me tell you that there's nothing wrong.
It's just that ones like us will never belong.

Jack wore a skirt but he knew how to scrap.
Billy went to county on a class-one possession.
Wendy went to school while her daddy shot smack.

Eugene kept a list; Mugger was security.
Mary, she kept her purity.
We were all in it together.

Yellowed postcards on the wall
Serve to cover up a blankness after all.
So I will carry them along,
Like a song, when I'm gone, yeah.

Hey you,
Is there something worth belonging to?
You know, we've been here all along,
Like a confederacy of the wrong.

And I confess, it could be prejudice,
But to you I dedicate this song.
Yeah, you.

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