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Barenaked Ladies Lyrics

7. Louis Loon

Dive down
Into the cool green water
Swim around
By the fish and otters

Louis Loon
Louis Loon

Flap your wings
You're picking up speed
Soon you'll spring
High above the trees

June the beaver
Below you'll leave her
Gnawing on sticks
With another dam to fix

Louis Loon

She hears your song
Echoing over lakes and hills
Lonely and long
Sometimes it's high, sometimes with a trill

Wherever you are
You are admired from afar
But just around the bend
You can always call your friends
Call your friends

Splash splash
Come on in and land
In a flash
You're under water again

Looking to see
When you surface where you'll be

Won't you stay?
Your friends want to play.
Won't you stay?
Your friends want to play.

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