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Bayside Lyrics

4. Red Head Vs. The Pretty Red Bracelet

You dance and laugh and cry
I'm dreaming dreams that won't come true
Don't bat your eyes
You care for yourself and others too
But me you treat like a disease
And now I think it's true

Don't look at me that way
My heart is all I have
Will you ever stop?
Your words cut deep
Will you ever stop throwing me away?

Red head, pretty red bracelet

You're all that's wrong with me
You rip and tear
Call me when you're through
And I am free to leave
She's kind you're not
She's sweet you're not
The last time I trust a red head

Silence falls upon us
The music stops for a bit
Smoke paints a picture of you
The noose that I hang myself with

Red head, pretty red bracelet

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