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Beanie Sigel Lyrics

10. The Day

Featuring Ozzy Osbourne

[Verse 1:]
Hail Mary full of grace I got the devil in my head again, 
My eyes blood shot red again.I thought I escaped this trap, 
But I'm back smokin on a surface purple plat.
Satan whispers, got me back on my dark liquor, 
That fire water killin my liver, the snake hisses in my ear 
I'ts a natural born fear, kill em all full of tears? 
Is my mind playin tricks on me is that man in dat trench coat after me, 
I wake up with my sheet soaked half a sleep, 
Hearin 2pac's voice screamin blasphemy sayin come with me Sig run quick c? 
Then I hear the voice of B.I.G., dyin ain't the shit but 
It's pleasent kinda quite but I don't buy It.

[Chorus: Ozzy Osbourne]
Day of Judgement God Is calling
Underneath the war pigs crawling
Begging mercy for the sins
Satan laughing spreads his wings...
Oh Lord Yeah

[Verse 2:]
Trapped in the dunya, strayin from the path of the sunnah
poor attendance often absent from jummah
5 prayers are declared But I barely get two in
fornicating with these kafir women My life is a ruins
it's hard to fight back tears When I'm in tune with my music
banned from the stage Cause the occupation I'm choosin
I'm a muslim By nature gangster by circumstance 
sunny said The workin man don't stand a chance
and I'm a man & I ain't perfect
but that's a pour excuse It ain't workin, 
A man once complained he ain't have no shoes 
So he once met a man who ain't have no feet.
They say prayer better to sleep the earth shall belong to the meat? 
I try to be a mindful in speech,
knowing everything's written And the clock still ticking
therefore I just pray that I'm prepared for... the day


[Verse 3:]
Our Father please show me the light my life ain't right, 
The devil got my head in a vice
I can't escape em he keep chasin, In the name of the most patient
I rebuke the Satan, causin trials and tribulations
tryin to test my faith and 
bringing? To my life with your whirling temptation 
let's say a payer For the souls that are lost in the matrix, 
Who ever eat of the fruit should forever dwell in the?, 
As I walk through the valley I shall show no fear 
Or forever dwell in the house as the hour draws Near
& as you call a long song I shall shed no tear 
But rejoice in your words cause the truth is Clear
They buildin up then they tearin down, 
Revelations in effect, yes here & now,
I was terrified of Death but I don't fear It now,
I was blind, dumb, & deaf but I hear it now...do you hear me now?...


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