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Beastie Boys Lyrics

3. 3 The Hard Way

Fresh dressed 'cause I shop at Models 
Deep in Brooklyn I ride the elevated trains 
Used to ride the D to beat the morning bell 
At Edward R. Morrow out on Ave L 
We be grillin' cheese and flippin' flapjacks 
With the diamond stylus we cutting wax 
We're the super elastic bubble plastic 
Got ethereal material that's straight up classic 
You try to vex reject but you should respect 
Or we'll have JC send you out a FedEx * 1 
So don't start to flex up in the discotheque 
Or we'll make you extinct tyrannosaurus rex 

We're gonna rock this motherfucker like three the hard way 

Your rhyme technique, it is antique 
To all my heads Qu'est-ce-que tu fabriques? 
Que cosa fai? Come sta e? 
Ho fato molte telefonate 
Oops gotcha clutch like Plazza 
Sneak between the sheets so hide like matzoh 
Holler back challah bread... next 
We are the crew who put the crew in Cruex 
I can see that Def Jam doesn't recognize me 
I'm Mike D the one who put the satin in your panties 
Time to count MC's in this place to be 
Not five, not four, not two, just three 

We're gonna rock this motherfucker like three the hard way 

Round-house kick the mic out your hand 
Drunken mantis, my name brand 
So if you're slick with the tricks and the slight of hand 
I'm hip top the shit that you're trying to scam 
Gnip Gnop I got shit to pop 
I'm an exceptional professional that just don't stop 
So pack up your bag and your mic and don't wait 
E.T. phone home now get the fuck out my face 
You know we shake'em bake'em then we take'em 
Treat MCs like leaves go out and rake'em 
If you sell our CDs on Canal before we make'em 
Then we will have no alternative but to serve you 
on a platter like Steak'Em 

We're gonna rock this motherfucker like three the hard way

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