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Beastie Boys Lyrics

14. The Brouhaha

Now what the blood clot I rap a lot 
What you gonna do when the beat goes drop? 
Whatcha talkin' 'bout Willis? Who the illest? 
You know my name's Adam stop callin' me Phyllis 
Ya hear some fuss, you're like what's the clamor? 
It's just me naked on the cover of Glamour 
A phenomenon pandemonium 
The club is blowing up like plutonium 
What's all the fanfare what's the to do 
We're known to bring the hullabaloo 
On stage or at the spa 
Guaranteed we bring the brouhaha 

'Cause it's a brouhaha 
'Cause it's a brouhaha 

There's a commotion that's goin' down 
I talk more shit then drown the clown 
I'm like that freak from Cirque de Soleil 
With my leg behind my head and a rhyme to say 
Ten nine eight seven six five four 
Get upon the mic and I'm a even the score 
one two three, three to two one 
don't carry a knife and I don't carry a gun 
Yo we be making mountains out of Cool Whip 
Pass me the mint for the julep 
Tell me everybody where is the love 
Hey yo what's the motherfuckin' hubbub 

'Cause it's a brouhaha 
'Cause it's a brouhaha 

Communicator check one two one two 
This is Bones McCoy on a line to Sulu 
Set the bullshit to warp factor one 
Check your tri-corder set your phaser to stun 
Oh mai oui you can catch me 
At Jean Vie with a pastry 
C'est ci c'est la oh n'est pas 
Qu'est-ce-que c'est le brouhahaha 
Ha haha haha! 
Just back from Japan and ooh I'm laggin' 
Goin' rao rao with the dungeon dragon 
You can dance if you want to leave your friends behind 
But if they don't dance and then they won't dance they can kiss my fuckin' ass 
'Cause it's a brouhaha 
'Cause it's a brouhaha

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