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Beatsteaks Lyrics

7. Bad Brain

everyone is so kind as they waste my time 
i will trade my mind for another 
rip my ticket to get over you 
i feel sicker every time i try to prove 
grab my pocket while i stagger ahead 
can't you see that need this ticket everyone i know is a drag. 

what's wrong with that boy again 
talk into my hand and get out 

kick my habit with a punch to my head 
engineering tools to set me straight 
strike me harder to adjust the truth 
for all to see trade apathy for remedy so i can feel for you 

eyes wide open lips are dry mind's forever doomed 
i might be slightly overdressed i'll be finished soon 
check my cover save my soul be my lover take the blow 
acting so damn naturally hush little baby do you really think 

It's roy with that bong again

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