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Beatsteaks Lyrics

6. Cut Off The Top

check the meaning don't stop the teasing now 
watch the ceiling crashing down to the floor 
if you want it get it coming after dark 
guess we'll make it faster than you ever thought 

climb this mountain to cut off the top 
first i swallow then i throw up 
come and try me falling apart 
climb this mountain to cut off the top 

stripped to the bone 
ready to go 
you can never tell getting hell from being well so let me spell 
it's me against the world 

i see at least you live by the rule 
Now that you're stuck to the groove 

stop the fuss now pray for love 
raise your head now say goodbye 
a sudden rush covers up my doubts 
you never know how the drugs work out 
come down watch the whole thing explode 

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