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Beatsteaks Lyrics

11. E-G-O

I'm taking my time - no need to rewind 
It's starting out to be just fine 
I crack a smile but act unkind 
advertising bigger times 

Feed my EGO 
watch it grow and grow 
Get you off my tracks 
If you hit the sack 
Let it swing back 

From the mind to the record from the soul to the throat 
From the heart to the matter from the head to the toes 
I've been hanging on the edge I've been waiting on a friend 
Among the lost and found 

Dash down to the bar to go insane 
I'll drench this city with your name 
Guess we hit the promised land 
We were out but now we're in 

Kiss me squeeze me bite me strike me 
Use me soothe me hold me tightly 
Take me break me feel me steal me 
Tap me wrap me and fly me to the moon 

I feel high as a knight on top of the world

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