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Beck Lyrics

13. Emergency Exit

14 miles away from a landfill grave 
Never pawned my watch and chain 
To the landlord living inside my head 
Never paid my rent till the lights went dead 
Then I saw my sign comin up the road 
A dead ditch waiting for to bury my load 
On the avenues in the plain of day 
I threw a roosevelt dime in a bucket of rain 

Now hold your hand onto the plow 
Work your body till the sun goes down 
What's left of death is more than fear 
Let dust be dust and the good lord near 
It's a little too much to ask of faith 
It's a little late to wait for fate 
So tell the angels what you seen 
Scarecrow shadow on a Nazarene 

Kindness will find you 
When darkness has fallen 
Round your bed 
Kindness will follow 
Children will wander 
The end

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