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Beck Lyrics

10. Go It Alone

I'm comin over 
See me down at the station 
By the lane 
With my hands in my pocket 
Jingling a wish coin 
That I stole from a fountain 
That was drowning all the cares in the world 
When I get older 
Climbin up on the back porch fence 
Just to see the dogs runnin 
With a ring and a question 
And my shiverin voice is singing 
Thru a crack in the window 

I better go it alone 

Down on the corner 
See me standin 
On a makeshift road 
With the dust storm blowin 
In a long black shadow 
Pull a hammer from a coal mine 
Down where your daddy was workin 
Comb my hair back 
Strike a match on a bathroom wall 
Where my number was written 
Drivin on the sidewalk 
Lookin back and the sky is burning 
In my rearview mirror 

I better go it alone

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