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Beck Lyrics

11. Little One

Go to sleep 
We're so tired now 
Altogether in a snake pit of souls 
New days 
To throw your chains away 
To try to hang your hopes on the wind 

Little one 
Just a little way 
Today all we need is waiting 

Night rise 
Like the evening prize 
In a turnstile backwards we fly 
Cold bones 
Tied together by 
Black ropes we pulled from a swing 

Little one 
Just a little way 
Today all of the dreams are waking 

Can't stand on crooked legs 
I'm cross-eyed to the wall 
In these harbor lights 
Satellites explode 

Drown, drown 
Sailors run aground 
In a seachange nothing is safe 
Strange waves 
Push us every way 
In a stolen boat we'll float away 

Little one 
Hold on 
All of the dreams are wasting

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