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Beck Lyrics

2. Qué Onda Guero

See the vegetable man in the 
Vegetable van with the horn that's honking 
Like a mariachi band in the middle of the street 
People gather around put a dollar in the can 
Ay wey, qué onda? tj cowboys hang around 
Sleeping on the side walk with a burger king 
Crown never wake them up mas cerveza till 
The rooster crows vatos vergallos 

Qué onda guero? 
Qué onda guero? 

Mano blancos roll with crowbars sing 
Rancheras on cheap guitars abuelitas with 
Plastic bags walking to church with their 
Spanish candles dirty boracho says "qué putas? 
Andelay joto, your popsicles melting" 
Run better run da doo run run in the midnight sun 

Guero where you going? Qué onda guero? 
Rampart boys with loaded rifles guatemalan 
Soccer ball instant replays mango ladies 
Vendedoras at a bus stop 
Sing a banda macho chorus 

Qué onda guero? 

A donde 


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