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Beck Lyrics

7. Schmoozer

You been a talking now
You been a rocking now
You been a guessing now
You been undressing now
You going up and down
You got a super sound
You got a lot of cow
Stuck a shiny steak on me now

You been a ducking down
You been a f-in' round
You been a riding now
You been deciding now
You just a sucker clown
I'm just a f-er now
I got no money now
Say that ain't funny now

Yahooooo...oh yeah, country now

You got a chicken now
You been a dicking now
You wanna ditch me now
Tracking the kitchen now
All of the people now
Crawling and creeping now
If I can show you how
I think you BOGUS now!

Now now...hey hey hey...come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!

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