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Beck Lyrics

4. Waitin' For A Train

[Intro is spoken over someone speaking in French and English:]
(I'm an alien from another sphere. 
The thing I like about the earth is the range of colors -- 
fantastic to mundane, brilliant to dull. 
As I was penetrating the ozone, 
I came perchance to notice the orange peel-
like quality of the light playing upon the same the ocean. 
I gotta go right now; someone is videotaping me in my spaceship.)
All around water tank
Just a-waiting' for a train
A thousand miles away from home
Just a-waiting' in the rain
I walked up to a brakeman
Just to give him a line of talk
He said, if you got money,
I'll see that you don't walk
I haven't got a nickel,
Not a penny for to show
Get off, get off, you railroad bum
And he slammed the boxcar door
They let me off in Texas
A state I dearly love
The moon 'n' stars above me...
And what else?

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