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Beneath The Massacre Lyrics

10. Nevermore

Face down
Obey to who is ordering:
God and master
Each one of us has someone to please
Work more, faster, the show, it must go on
Work more, spend more
Happiness is one purchase away

We live our lives like 
If our condition would be just a phase
In wait of some kind of recognition 
That will surely not come
As for me, I had enough

From now on,
From now on,

Work more, buy more, 
Spend more, then rot in peace
Work more, buy more
Trying to buy happiness
Vicious circle, I put an end 
To this vicious circle
Will this end only once I'm dead?

And so we'll live in blood sweat and tears:
No love no hate
And so we'll die: bound to happen
I won't die the same

Happiness can't be bought
No respect can be found in a system 
Based on our craze or the superfluous
Happiness can't be bought
Dignity is coming back as I swear to myself now:

From now on,
From now on,

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