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Bloc Party. Lyrics

21. Cain Said To Abel

Cain said to Abel
"Brother I've been bad
Killed a fleet of angels
With my bare hands"

Cain said to Abel
"Brother I've been bad
And I can't find my glasses"

This self-obsessed sinner
I hear he loves to drink
This self-obsessed sinner
I hear he loves a fight

Success has been cruel
This year has been hard
Falling out of love
With the one thing I had loathed

This self-obsessed sinner…

Discipline, discipline, disappearing
Echoing, echoing, exiting
Disappearing, discipline, disappearing
Nothing there, nothing works, nothing matters
Every time, every time, I look over
Everything, everyone, every time
Family, family, shredded by
Liberty, liberty, literally

You can be, you can be, you can see
Eventually, literally, instantly
History, history, disappearing
Echoing, echoing, exiting
You look up, you look over, you can see it
Disappearing, disappearing, instantly
Literally, literally, telling them
They'll be different
They'll be special
They'll be better

This self-obsessed sinner…

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