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Bloc Party. Lyrics

9. Team A

How many times do I have to tell you?
That these are my things
Been running your mouth
But people been listening
If you wanna throw down
We can go downtime
Any time, any damn time
Any time of the week

See I know that you’re hating
Anticipating a breakthrough
I been there, done that, over with
Ain’t nothing you can teach me
Ain’t got no time for Le Baron
Ain’t got no time for The Alibi
No we ain’t cool boy, don’t even try

I’m going to ruin your life

See we ain’t at school, snitches get stitches
You might be fast boy but I’m faster than you
So let’s make this clear, no misunderstandings
Better watch where you’re walking and watch what you say
Any time, any damn time, any time of the week

Ain’t got no time for Yo Yo, ain’t got no time for The Groucho
No we ain’t cool and you don’t even know

I’m going to ruin your life

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