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Blood On The Dance Floor Lyrics


I Scream I Scream EP (2009)
It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinstone World (2008)
Let's Start A Riot! (2008)
Miscellaneous songs

EP "I Scream I Scream" (2009)

1.  Scream For My Icecream
2.  Siq With A Q
3.  Up All Night!
4.  Miss Bipolar (Love Fight)
5.  Suicide Club

Album "It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinstone World" (2008)

1.  Slash Gash Terror Crew Anthem!
2.  Save The Rave
3.  S My D
4.  Ima Monster (heart On My Sleeve)
5.  It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhine Stone World
6.  Keys To The Bakery
7.  Blood On The Dance Floor (Dj Pickee Remix)
8.  Mosh And Roll
9.  Do You Want To Be A Superstar?
10.  Wet Dream War Machine
11.  Mad Rad Hair

Album "Let's Start A Riot!" (2008)

1.  Let's Start A Riot
2.  I Can't Get Enuff
3.  Bitches Get Stitches
4.  Blood On The Dance Floor
5.  Sex And Violence
6.  I <3 Hello Kitty
7.  You're A Dancer, You're Not A Lover
8.  Modern World Christ
9.  Money And Hoes
10.  Till Death Do We Party
11.  I Hope You Choke
12.  Fallen Star
13.  Libertine

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Sexting

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