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Blue October Lyrics

14. 78Triple6

Seven eight triple six [4x]
I strap my sneakers on and sneak in to the ga-rage
Today I'm relaxing gotta get my scooter on
I'm gonna roll away I'm gonna hit the day 
I'm gonna scoot away my troubles on my scooter yay
I call my boys from the mothafuckin' area
They're gonna meet me on the corner scooters blaring yah
We're taking corners at 15 miles an H
We'll ride as far as just 2 gallons gonna take us today

78666 [8x] Scooter Mafia [2nd 4th 6th and 8th times]

Well let me tell you how I'm feeling when I'm high on my bike
I'm rolling peaceful through the city kinda purrin' tonight
You wanna ride with me? You wanna slide with me?
You wanna get up on my scooter to the sky with me?
We're riding late night, formation real tight
You think your scooter has a bug, well check my scooter bite
We keep it low down and stop the show now

78666 [16x] Scooter Mafia [every 2nd time]

Scooter mafia [5x]

I'm the original crooner I don't even want a tune-up

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