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Blue October Lyrics

5. Italian Radio

I ended the book that I'm writing.
The part about you I'm tearing it out.
A simple goodnight, stop fighting,
There's nothing left to even read about.
I'm leaving you here my darling, 
to search for a better and easy way out.
Through all of the pain that I'm causing, 
There's nothing left to even sing about
And it goes......

Recorded Italian radio.
I changed up the words to make you happy though.
In front of the midnight music show,
I beat up, I beat up the boy that made her happy

I've noticed the things that you wanted me to be.
They outweigh the ones that make me happy.
So pull out your hand to meet my...my fine new lady,
She's rock n' roll,
and she saved me.
And it goes....

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