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Bo Burnham Lyrics


Bo Burnham (2009)
Bo Fo Sho EP (2008)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Bo Burnham" (2009)

1.  I'm Bo Yo
2.  My Whole Family...
3.  Bo Fo Sho
4.  Love Is...
5.  The Perfect Woman
6.  High School Party
7.  Klan Kookout
8.  New Math
9.  A Love Ballad
10.  Rehab Center For Fictional Characters
11.  Welcome To Youtube

EP "Bo Fo Sho" (2008)

1.  Bo Fo Sho
2.  H-O-A-R
3.  High School Party (Girl)
4.  3.14 Apple Pi
5.  Sunday School
6.  My Whole Family...

Miscellaneous songs:

*   My Better Half
*   My Little Secret

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