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Bowling For Soup Lyrics

4. On And On (About You)

I'm happy again to be stuck here again
And you're so happy again to be stuck here again
Now we can rap about "the good old days"
Laugh at dumb jokes that you make
It's great to be here and 

I'm just elated to be someone you once hated 
And its all so complicated
Maybe this time you can come outside your little world
Make out with another girl
If it were up to me

I'd like to buy you flowers everyday
Make everyday a holiday
Carry on and on and on about you and the things you do
The things you do

Im so sorry again you say you're leaving me again
Cause you're not happy again
And I'm left stuck here again
Now you can scream about the little things
Slap me twice across the face
Man it would be great if I could



[Chorus (In Spanish)]
Me gustaria comprar te flores cada dia
hace cada dia una vacacion
y habla mas y mas y mas de ti
de las cosas que haces


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