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Bowling For Soup Lyrics

17. Other Girls

It only takes a minute 
Yeah a minute or two 
Just like stubbing your toe 
Or slamming the door on your finger 
Pull out the stinger 
And then move on the the next little drama queen 
Then go and get some sleep 
And dream 
Yeah lay your head back and dream 
About the girl you had 
That broke your broken heart 
The one that said she'd love you from the start 
And when the nightmares over 
Call and thank her for 
All the 

Flowered sheets and hypocrisies 
All the picture frames 
The carpet stains 
And say thank you for your time 

That's what other girls are for 
If we run out somebody will make some more 
No need to pick yourself up off the floor 
Cause that's what other girls are for 

It doesn't make a difference 
It doesn't matter at all 
She's just another chapter 
Another song you loved, then hated 
She's overrated 
So send her flowers 
Saying thank you for all the 

There's just something about 'em you know 
They're like top 40 radio 
And if you're having trouble letting go 
Then maybe you should move to Canada now

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