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Breathe Electric Lyrics


Lovestruck EP (2010)
Emotion EP (2009)
Honestly EP (2008)

EP "Lovestruck" (2010)

1.  Lovestruck
2.  One In A Million
3.  Stay With Me
4.  Bad Girl
5.  Electronic Lover
6.  Stop Actin'

EP "Emotion" (2009)

1.  Emotion
2.  What Would You Say?
3.  The Best Of All
4.  Let Go
5.  The Average
6.  The Endless Fight

EP "Honestly" (2008)

1.  Baby Better Believe
2.  You're Hiding All The Right Things
3.  Life On An Airplane
4.  A Certain Kind Of Touch
5.  Libby
6.  The Average
7.  Between Want And Need
8.  Honestly

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