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Cage The Elephant Lyrics

3. Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

Yea dis La Chat up in dis motherfucker
 "Murder She Spoke"will be out in a minute
 Ya hear me? Dig dat Project Pat in dis thang
 finna let you weak ass punk ass wanna-be hard ass 
wanna real record deal bitches know
 Y'all motherfukers ain't no killaz
 Y'all aint nuthin but some motherfucking hoes 
So getcha mug off me when you see me
 If you ain't finna do nuthin then keep ya distance boy!

 Yall niggaz aint no killaz yall niggaz sum hoes
 Yall niggaz aint killaz yall niggaz some hoes

 You can run but you cant hiide I wont let you slide
 Strap with gun get ya mind right or a homicide
 Shall be done T-K-O style bugged like Ms. Wild
 On the run doing dumb shit blasted up a child
 Stand ya ground hold ya own so you best to regulate
 Imma clown on a damn fool slugs will penetrate 
When in skin you got no wind when i gotta tone
 Im the man with master plan you can bring it on 
When I set to his hoe ass right up in his mugg
 With this thang bitch I will blast coughin up your blood
 First you came to a real man thinking I's a boy
 When it rains and it does pour I's the real McCoy
 Done deal pullin out steel bitch play no games
 You's a two dollar ass boy and Im making change
 Take hieve to these motherfuckin words dat I say
 Dont play with real niggas real niggas dont play
 A real nigga workin jobs before he fall off
 Will pull one with a mask or a sawed off
 Areal nigga don't speak what he dont know
 He keep his mouth shut act like he dont know
 A real nigga will kill if he have too
 Take care his kids anyway dat he got too
 A real nigga never start shit he in shit
 That mastermind shit that execute shit

 So dont you hoes try to test me
 Best to bow down and rest me
 The police want to arrest me
 I won't get caught
 Some want to annihilate me
 Some of yall really hate me 
Here I go bitch try and take me 
I will kill you 

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