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The Click Five Lyrics


TCV (2011)
Modern Minds And Pastimes (2007)
Greetings From Imrie House (2005)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "TCV" (2011)

1.  I Quit! I Quit! I Quit!
2.  The Way It Goes
3.  Way Back To You
4.  Fever For Shakin'
5.  Good As Gold
6.  Don't Let Me Go
7.  Nobody's Business
8.  Be In Love
9.  Dancin' After Midnight
10.  Just Like My Heart Falls
11.  The World Comes Crawlin' Back
12.  Love Time Space
13.  Black Boots (Bonus Track)
14.  Love Still Goes On (Bonus Track)

Album "Modern Minds And Pastimes" (2007)

1.  Flipside
2.  Jenny
3.  Happy Birthday
4.  Addicted To Me
5.  I'm Getting Over You
6.  When I'm Gone
7.  Headlight Disco
8.  The Reason Why
9.  All I Need Is You
10.  Long Way To Go
11.  Mary Jane
12.  Empty
13.  Summertime (Japanese Bonus Track)

Album "Greetings From Imrie House" (2005)

1.  Good Day
2.  Just The Girl
3.  Catch Your Wave
4.  I'll Take My Chances
5.  Friday Night
6.  Angel To You (Devil To Me)
7.  Resign
8.  Pop Princess
9.  Time Machine
10.  Lies
11.  Say Goodnight
12.  I Think We're Alone Now (Bonus Track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Kidnap My Heart ("Taking 5" Soundtrack)

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