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Coalesce Lyrics

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The Casket Lottery 


Ox (2009)
There Is Nothing New Under The Sun EP (1999)
012: Revolution In Just Listening (1999)
Give Them Rope (1998)
Functioning On Impatience (1998)
Coalesce EP (1996)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Ox" (2009)

1.  The Plot Against My Love
2.  The Comedian In Question
3.  Wild Ox Moan
4.  Designed To Break A Man
5.  Where Satire Sours (Instrumental)
6.  The Villain We Won't Deny
7.  The Purveyor Of Novelty And Nonsense
8.  In My Wake, For My Own
9.  New Voids In One's Resolve (Instrumental)
10.  We Have Lost Our Will (Instrumental)
11.  Questions To Root Out Fools
12.  By What We Refuse
13.  Dead Is Dead
14.  There Is A Word Hidden In The Ground

EP "There Is Nothing New Under The Sun" (1999)

1.  Immigrant Song
2.  Heartbreaker
3.  Black Dog
4.  Out On The Tiles
5.  Whole Lotta Love
6.  That's The Way
7.  Thank You

Album "012: Revolution In Just Listening" (1999)

1.  What Happens On The Road Always Comes Home
2.  Cowards.Com
3.  Burn Everything That Bears Our Name
4.  While The Jackass Operation Spins Its Wheels
5.  Sometimes Selling Out Is Waking Up
6.  Where The Hell Is Rick Thorne These Days?
7.  Jesus In The Year 2000 / Next On The Shit List
8.  Counting Murders, Drinking Beers (The $46,000 Escape)
9.  They Always Come In Fall (Instrumental)

Album "Give Them Rope" (1998)

1.  Have Patience
2.  One On The Ground
3.  Cut To Length
4.  For All You Are
5.  Still It Sells
6.  Chain Smoking
7.  Did It Pay The Rent
8.  Every Reason To
9.  I Am Not The First (Instrumental)
10.  This Is The Last
11.  I Took A Year

Album "Functioning On Impatience" (1998)

1.  You Can't Kill Us All
2.  Reoccurring Ache Of (Instrumental)
3.  New Language
4.  On Being A Bastard
5.  My Love For Extremes
6.  Measured In Gray
7.  Disgust For Details

EP "Coalesce" (1996)

1.  On Their Behalf
2.  The Harvest Of Maturity
3.  Simulcast
4.  A Safe Place
5.  One At A Time

Miscellaneous songs:

*   73-C
*   Blend As Well
*   Blue Collar Lullaby (from "Punk Goes Acoustic" Compilation)
*   Grain Of Salt

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