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Dance Gavin Dance Lyrics

5. Need Money

(Sleepy time tea, vote me closer to bigger than Texas times three)
(I lose the coupons for groceries)
(And it would suck (to be) completely equal)
(What stops your bitch from believing people?)
(Count your fingers, concretely provide)
(A double TV to leak you're alive)
(Propose a loaf timber reflexing gold)
(As long as I look good when I’m old.)


(Façade of fascist, bravado elliptical)
(The smell of colin in black boxers, mystic mole)
(Get those electric blue foot things from Dr. Sholls)
(You need stillocs just to be me.)

Feel free to let it out give it all up

(Accept your face is so upset old)
(Bitching same ol, don’t make me cold)
(Rape the bank for your bail out gold)
(Licking tricks are for 10 year olds.)
(Missing lips are like lip tip Bledsoe)
(You can bounce on me, I just said so)
(We can fry it, don’t shit my bed though)
(It’s a fallacy, I like meatloaf.)

(I'm so fed so fed I'm green,)
(I gave my liver to the football team)
(I don’t do no, do no, do no sluts)
(I got acid that I gargle for a fresh brain stump.)

(Sock full of wood I’m painting flesh tones)
(I thought you drank my locket full of glue)
(Don’t wanna sit cross legged in a circle)
(I won't wear, shirts that are pink or purple?)
(I thought you knew, my locket full of glue)
(Was really coke, coke I bought from Urkel)
(I thought you drank my locket full of glue)
(Once again I don’t wear pink or purple.)


(Resounding yes as my eyes leak out an eagles skull)
(Bludgeoning a mitten, meticulous self-control)
(I need these priests to stop molesting your kids backdoor)
(It's fucking disgusting man)
(The wrong religion well you have selected)
(Nuclear launch detected.)

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