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Danger Radio Lyrics


Used And Abused (2008)
Punch Your Lights Out EP (2008)
The Difference Between Love And Envy (2004)

Album "Used And Abused" (2008)

1.  So Far Gone
2.  One More Chance
3.  Kiss 'N' Tell
4.  Broken Man
5.  Another Lesson In Love
6.  Alive For The First Time
7.  Used And Abused
8.  Things
9.  Your Kind (Speak To Me)
10.  Slow Dance With A Stranger
11.  You All Believe
12.  Think About It
13.  Where I Started

EP "Punch Your Lights Out" (2008)

1.  Party Foul
2.  Slow
3.  Keep It Up
4.  Sparkle Baby Shine
5.  Punch Your Lights Out

Album "The Difference Between Love And Envy" (2004)

1.  Intro
2.  Destitute
3.  Dresses And Sweaters
4.  Latah
5.  Paris
6.  Helen
7.  Movie Scene
8.  Curses In Cursive
9.  Ontro

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