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Daniel Powter Lyrics


Under The Radar (2008)
Daniel Powter (2005)

Album "Under The Radar" (2008)

1.  Best Of Me
2.  Not Coming Back
3.  Whole World Around
4.  Next Plane Home
5.  Am I Still The One?
6.  Negative Fashion
7.  Don't Give Up On Me
8.  Fly Away
9.  Beauty Queen
10.  My So Called Life
11.  Love You Lately (Remix)

Album "Daniel Powter" (2005)

1.  Love You Lately (Special Edition Bonus Track)
2.  Song 6
3.  Free Loop
4.  Bad Day
5.  Suspect
6.  Lie To Me
7.  Jimmy Gets High
8.  Styrofoam
9.  Hollywood
10.  Lost On The Stoop
11.  Give Me Life
12.  Stupid Like This (Japan Bonus Track)

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