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Daughtry Lyrics


Leave This Town (2009)
Daughtry (2006)

Album "Leave This Town" (2009)

1.  You Don't Belong
2.  No Surprise
3.  Every Time You Turn Around
4.  Life After You
5.  What I Meant To Say
6.  Open Up Your Eyes
7.  September
8.  Ghost Of Me
9.  Learn My Lesson
10.  Supernatural
11.  Tennessee Line
12.  Call Your Name
13.  Long Way (Bonus Track)
14.  One Last Chance (Bonus Track)
15.  What Have We Become (Bonus Track)
16.  On The Inside (Bonus Track)
17.  Traffic Light (Bonus Track)
18.  Get Me Through (Bonus Track)

Album "Daughtry" (2006)

1.  It's Not Over
2.  Used To
3.  Home
4.  Over You
5.  Crashed
6.  Feels Like Tonight
7.  What I Want
8.  Breakdown
9.  Gone
10.  There And Back Again
11.  All These Lives
12.  What About Now
13.  Sorry (Bonus Track)

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