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Day26 Lyrics


Forever In A Day (2009)
Day26 (2008)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "Forever In A Day" (2009)

1.  Just Getting Started
2.  Imma Put It On Her
3.  Shawty Wats Up
4.  Think Of Me
5.  Stadium Music
6.  Bipolar
7.  Perfectly Blind
8.  So Good
9.  Girlfriend
10.  Babymaker
11.  Then There's You
12.  Need That
13.  Reminds Me Of You
14.  Your Heels
15.  Truth Is A Lie
16.  One Night Only (Bonus Track)
17.  Honest (Bonus Track)

Album "Day26" (2008)

1.  I'm The Reason
2.  Got Me Going
3.  In My Bed
4.  Silly Love
5.  Come With Me
6.  Co Star
7.  Come In (My Door's Open)
8.  Are We In This Together
9.  What It Feels Like
10.  Since You've Been Gone
11.  If It Wasn't For You
12.  Don't Fight The Feeling
13.  Ain't Going (Hidden track)
14.  Exclusive (No Excuses) (Hidden track)
15.  Just Should've Told You (Target bonus track)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Over Now

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