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Dear And The Headlights Lyrics


Drunk Like Bible Times (2008)
Small Steps, Heavy Hooves (2007)

Album "Drunk Like Bible Times" (2008)

1.  I'm Not Crying. You're Not Crying, Are You?
2.  Bad News
3.  Carl Solomon Blues
4.  Willetta
5.  Talk About
6.  Saintly Rows (Oh Oh)
7.  Flowers For My Brain
8.  Now It's Over
9.  Parallel Lines
10.  If Not For My Glasses
11.  Try
12.  I Know

Album "Small Steps, Heavy Hooves" (2007)

1.  Oh No!
2.  Sweet Talk
3.  Hallelujah
4.  Happy In Love
5.  I'm Bored, You're Amorous
6.  Grace
7.  It's Gettin' Easy
8.  Paper Bag
9.  Skinned Knees And Gapped Teeth
10.  Run In The Front
11.  Mother Make Me Golden
12.  I Just Do
13.  Midwestern Dirt

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