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Dirt Poor Robins Lyrics


The Last Days Of Leviathan (2010)
The Cage (2007)
Miscellaneous songs

Album "The Last Days Of Leviathan" (2010)

1.  I Shot A Man
2.  Alibi
3.  Jim Jones
4.  Human After All
5.  Leviathan
6.  Sonnet To Science
7.  With Slander For A Blade
8.  The Fall Of An Aviatrix (Instrumental)
9.  Nightingale
10.  Tah Dah (Bonus Track)

Album "The Cage" (2007)

1.  Eleanor Rigby
2.  The Hollywood Song
3.  Someone
4.  Masquerade
5.  Great Vacation
6.  Wallflower
7.  Rise Up
8.  Loud Is The World
9.  Love Again
10.  When All Is Said And Done

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Finally Home
*   Light In My Darkness
*   Living Waters
*   Made To Belong
*   Requiem To Self
*   Saved The Day
*   Teach Me How To Pray

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