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Do Or Die Lyrics

19. Church

Featuring DJ Quik and Johnny P.

[Johnny P: through-out talking]
Pimp on, pimp on
Pimp on, pimp on
Pimp on, pimp on
Pimp on, pimp on

Yeaahh, we here to bring you the most requested song
From the P-Funk era
This is DJ Quik, Do or Die, and J-P
Now, what we gonna do right here
Is let'cha just wave ya hands like this shit
On the radio station, this most requested
Do or Die, DJ Quik, and Johnny P, Church!

[Verse 1: AK]
Fresh up out the motherfuckin' cut, who dat?
Droppin' and poppin' that gangsta shit with my nigga, true dat!
Sippin' and tippin' off the Grey Goose and the gallon of Gin
While I'm smokin' somethin, faded, with' my blueberry Benz
Flick the weed with' my middle finger, off in the wind
Cause I'm off in the wind, got another party startin' at ten
Now do these ho's wanna fuck? That's what I'm really askin'
Skip to my nigga with' my semi-semi blastin'

[DJ Quik: talking]
Hold up AK, I done seen ya boy Kel on the cover of that XXL magazine
Ya hear me, and it look like him and Snoop Dogg been havin'-
Dress code dress rehearsals, and talkin' bout that tie with them pin-stripes

[Verse 1: continued]
Blastin' the semi in a orderly fashion
Orderly stash, so the people try to come and harass
And now it's one to the motherfuckin' two, to the three
See me floatin' through the streets, Chi-Town or Long Beach

[JP:] You ain't never heard no pimps like this
If it's gangsta, then it's gangsta, if I'm a
Pimp, then I'm a pimp, then I'm a piiimp!
[JP:] You ain't never seen no pimps like this
You can see it in my lips, if I'm a pimp, then I'm a pimp
Then I'm a piiimp!
[JP:] Never seen twenty's spin like this
If it's gangsta, then it's gangsta, if I'm a pimp, then I'm
A pimp, then I'm a piiimp!
[JP:] Do you know we be the first true pimps?
You can see it in my lips, if I'm a pimp, then I'm a pimp, then
I'm a piiimp!

[Verse 2: Belo]
I've been noticin' that niggas been quotin'
Quotin' me bogusly
Bogusly try to bump me off so no-one even notice me
Vocally, I've been pimpin and sayin shit so importantly
Rappers around the world should think of a plaque or throw to me
Cadillac, I'm the bolder-ly, binnin' and grinnin' slow-ely
Nine, packin' fo' sho-ely, ho, check out my poetry!
My izzle's so dizzle, rizzle, for shizzle my nizzle
Pizzle, tha lizzle, if you feel me say Chuuuch!
Now I'm about to get this bad bitch, and dinner her up
Take her ass straight to the tele, and uhh, dent her rump
I'm a knock that stuffin' and muffin' up off that pussy
Put that ass straight to sleep, and don't deny it cause my pimpin' is deep
I know some playa's that be claimin' the streets
Like a nigga playin' hard when his posse is deep
Go on head, walk it off with the flock of the sheep
Cause I'm a motherfuckin', P-I, M-P, Church!


[Verse 3: N.A.R.D.]
My Cadillac spinnin', and wheels gotten' 'em grinnin'
And stepped out in my gators, with' collar'ed shirt and some Timberlands
Aww they go hurr again, from back on the block
I used to dip up in that crib to get away from the cop
Ya see my mama always said to stay away when it's hot
Cause now here's gone, the day when they wantin' your spot
You ready or not? The less ordered, the better the rock
I need more fuck for Quik to get my Chevy to ride
So to my people's in the Chi, now won't you bounce to this?
Put ya hands up to the sky and smoke a ounce to this!
Throw 'yo hands high, light about a pound of dro
Cause from this swig of Cognac you can catch a blow
We sippin' the Remy and Henny and a bottle of Mo'
Gatherin' all the freaks up, and we gon' head for the door
Because it ain't no tellin' what we gon' do
Because we might do whatever pimps want to


[Johnny P: to fade]
Do you know we be the first true pimps?
Do you know we be the first true pimps?

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