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The Dresden Dolls Lyrics

1. Dear Jenny

Boys wear overcoats in heat like this 
To keep themselves from showing
Girls fill out prescriptions for the tricks 
That keep their hearts from growing
Specialists review the year in tears 
And call for drastic measures
Send them to resorts for boys 
And girl to get their wits together

Sad but true the facts of life 
Are bound to get you down
So whats the use dear jenny 
Anyway the world is pretty...

Ashley talks to astronauts back home 
By way of fax transmission
Andy gets a new tattoo each time 
His pastor comes to visit
Weary o so drealiy 
We wave our flags into the camera
Amber goes the hotlines are friends 
But no-one ever answers

Sad but true the truth 
Can turn your smile to a frown
So whats the use dear jenny 
Anyway the world is pretty

The rates are better in the summer
Looks like dear jenny's doing better...

Back at home the broadcast 
Warning bounces off of an empty table
Jenny asks the astronauts 
To sleep with her behind the stable
Christmas hasn't been the same 
Since dad put in the central heating
Checks you before bedtime with a battery 
To keep your new heart beating

And the world might turn a million times around before
They tell you jenny anyway 
The world is pretty 
World is pretty happy 
World is pretty happy

Sometimes they let strangers in 
And other times they check their records
When they check out in the morning 
Dad puts out the lie detectors
Jenny prays to gods 
She've never heard of for a special hurting
All the walls stay dead as jennys head is
But shes still observing

Sad but true the two of us 
Might really make it through
But whats the use dear jenny anyway
The world is happy
World is happy
World is happy without you...

The rates are better in the summer....
Looks like old jennys doing better...

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