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Dustin Kensrue Lyrics

3. I Believe

Seen your face in every child that smiles,
But I can't help but rejoice.
And I've heard the song called thunder,
But I knew it was your voice.
Touched the holes in your calloused hands,
Stuck my fingers in your side.
Oh I was six-feet-deep in doubt but
Now I'm sure that you're alive

And it's safe to say 
We'll never know everything still blessings we receive.
And it’s safe to say I really don't know a thing,
Still I choose to believe.

Smelt the scent of angel sweet floating in the summer air.
I have breathed in deep the incense,
While the saints send up their prayers.

I have tasted now I see
Oh I see that you are good.
And I have ate your perfect body,
And I have drank your blessed blood


And all the answers that I find,
Only take me so far down the line.
The tracks always give out
Yeah it's a leap from the lions mouth.


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