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Broken Toy Shop (1993)
A Man Called E (1992)

Album "Broken Toy Shop" (1993)

1.  Shine It All On
2.  Standing At The Gate
3.  The Only Thing I Care About
4.  Manchester Girl
5.  L. A. River
6.  Most Unpleasant Man
7.  Mass
8.  Tomorrow I'll Be Nine
9.  Day I Wrote You Off
10.  Someone To Break The Spell
11.  She Loves A Puppet
12.  Permanent Broken Heart
13.  My Old Raincoat
14.  Eight Lives Left

Album "A Man Called E" (1992)

1.  Hello Cruel World
2.  Fitting In With The Misfit
3.  Are You & Me Gonna Happen
4.  Looking Out The Window With A Blue Hat On
5.  Nowheresville
6.  Symphony For Toy Piano In G Minor
7.  Mockingbird Franklin
8.  I've Been Kicked Around
9.  Pray
10.  E's Tune
11.  You'll Be The Scarecrow

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