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Emmure Lyrics


Speaker Of The Dead (2011)
Felony (2009)
The Respect Issue (2008)
Goodbye To The Gallows (2007)
The Complete Guide To Needlework EP (2006)

Album "Speaker Of The Dead" (2011)

1.  Children Of Cybertron
2.  Area 64-66
3.  Dogs Get Put Down
4.  Demons With Ryu
5.  Solar Flare Homicide
6.  Eulogy Of Giants
7.  Bohemian Grove
8.  4 Poisons 3 Words
9.  Credo Cries
10.  Last Words To Rose
11.  A Voice From Below
12.  Drug Dealer Friend
13.  My Name Is Thanos
14.  Lights Bring Salvation
15.  Word Of Intulo

Album "Felony" (2009)

1.  Sunday Bacon
2.  I Thought You Met Telly And Turned Me Into Casper
3.  I <3 EC2
4.  Felony
5.  You Sunk My Battleship
6.  The Philosophy Of Time Travel
7.  First Impressions
8.  R2 Deepthroat
9.  Bars In Astoria
10.  Lesson From Nichole
11.  Don't Be One
12.  Immaculate Misconception

Album "The Respect Issue" (2008)

1.  Young, Rich, And Out Of Control
2.  Sound Wave Superior
3.  I Only Mean Half Of What I Don't Say
4.  False Love In Real Life
5.  Chicago's Finest
6.  Tales From The Burg
7.  Rough Justice
8.  Snuff 2: The Resurrection
9.  Dry Ice (Instrumental)
10.  You're More Like Friend Without The "R"

Album "Goodbye To The Gallows" (2007)

1.  A Ticket For The Paralyzer
2.  10 Signs You Should Leave
3.  When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong
4.  Rusted Over Wet Dreams
5.  You Got A Henna Tattoo That Said Forever
6.  Travis Bickle (Instrumental)
7.  Sleeping Princess In Devil's Castle
8.  The Key To Keeping The Show Fresh Is... I'm Dead
9.  It's Not Just A Party, It's A Funeral
10.  When Everything Goes Wrong, Take The Easy Way Out

EP "The Complete Guide To Needlework" (2006)

1.  Second Hand Smoke (Instrumental)
2.  Johnny Carson Didn't Have To Die
3.  Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth
4.  I Should Have Called Ms. Cleo
5.  22 Exits Away
6.  A Fist Fight With Dick Tracy

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