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Eye Alaska Lyrics


Genesis Underground (2009)
Yellow & Elephant EP (2008)

Album "Genesis Underground" (2009)

1.  Walk Like A Gentleman
2.  Show Me Daluv
3.  Mutiny Off The Aleutian Coast By Rorrim Ehtni
4.  Star Pilot
5.  American Landslide
6.  The Legion Night (Rorrim Ehtni Lived)
7.  Good To Go
8.  Miles Don't Mean Anything
9.  Rocky Road
10.  All Hail The High Sea
11.  Roll Right Over
12.  My Soul, My Surrender
13.  Intro To POP.Fiction

EP "Yellow & Elephant" (2008)

1.  I Knew You'd Never Fly
2.  Stop Me Now... I'm Not Ready
3.  Roll Right Over
4.  Through Willows And Streams
5.  A Storm In The Child's Fountain
6.  Cheetah And The Tiger

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