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Favez Lyrics


Bigger Mountains Higher Flags (2007)
Bellefontaine Avenue (2005)
Old And Strong In The Modern Times (2005)
From Lausanne Switzerland (2002)
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines (2000)
Sad Ride On The Line Again (1999)

Album "Bigger Mountains Higher Flags" (2007)

1.  The Highways Are Deserted
2.  When We Were Kings
3.  She Wakes Up Every Night
4.  Naked And Gasolined
5.  Here, We're Nothing
6.  The Goodbye Song
7.  The Torch Song
8.  And We Dance
9.  If I Didn't Come For Forgiveness
10.  White Limousine
11.  We Used To Fight A Lot

Album "Bellefontaine Avenue" (2005)

1.  Emmanuel Hall
2.  Times Were High
3.  Sloganeering
4.  The Light Is Coming In
5.  The Killer Show
6.  It's A Hit
7.  A Better Life
8.  The System
9.  Battle Weary Blues
10.  Olé José
11.  Heavy Metal 10

Album "Old And Strong In The Modern Times" (2005)

1.  Looking For Action
2.  Primative Nation Of One
3.  The Colored Machines
4.  The Bigger The Clouds
5.  Marlon Brando Porsches Hondas And Me
6.  Not Ready For The Wind
7.  What Are You Going To Do With My Life
8.  And The Ship Sails
9.  My Days Off The Hook
10.  Desolation Blues
11.  Ghost Of Winters Past

Album "From Lausanne Switzerland" (2002)

1.  The Ages Of Wonder
2.  Someday This Will Be Mine
3.  Show Me How To Groove
4.  Don't Let The Riot In
5.  Chasing Honesty
6.  And It Rains Like Hell
7.  Son Of Steve Mcqueen
8.  I Brake For No One
9.  Come On, Give Me A Smile
10.  Live From Kilby Court
11.  Memories Of The Ones We Hate The Most
12.  Troubled Life Blues

Album "Gentlemen, Start Your Engines" (2000)

1.  I've Got Everything I Need
2.  Headed For The Ocean
3.  Traveling Is Easy
4.  An Expression Of Good Taste
5.  New In Colors
6.  Coming Home
7.  It Started Like This
8.  The Grey Room
9.  Bleak
10.  It's Always Ten To Ten

Album "Sad Ride On The Line Again" (1999)

1.  Twenty Years Of Anything
2.  The Man With Forehead Eyes
3.  Between The Dirty Halls
4.  This Is How It Ends
5.  Royalty For The People
6.  Friday Morning, 1 AM
7.  Slow Down
8.  Bleak
9.  Rock & Roll Stars
10.  Psychiatric Interference

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