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Floral Terrace Lyrics


The Better Life EP (2011)
Theme Of The Night EP (2009)
Floral Terrace EP (2008)
Miscellaneous songs

EP "The Better Life" (2011)

1.  Save Me
2.  Hey! (Don't Turn Away)
3.  Race The Sun
4.  That's What Hopes Are For
5.  Home With You

EP "Theme Of The Night" (2009)

1.  One Shot Clover
2.  City
3.  First To Leave

EP "Floral Terrace" (2008)

1.  Halos
2.  Buildings Burn Up
3.  Hops Lane
4.  Buildings Burn Up (Acoustic)

Miscellaneous songs:

*   Something Better
*   Summer '05

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