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Forever The Sickest Kids Lyrics

*  I Don't Know About You, But I Came To Dance

I can tell from the look in her eyes,
That’s the kind of girl, yeah that’s the kind of girl 
that I would like to spend a night on the town with.
I can make a bet against the bets saying I’m a genuine hypocrite 
when it comes to choosing girls with blonde hair over brains.

It's like a let down, so much for good times.

You’ve got my head spinning, heart beating out of my chest.
I’m a sucker for lovers.

I’m smooth with my words, you're smooth with your curves girl, yeah.
I speak so eloquently that you won’t have a chance to deny me, yeah.
I could never leave a girl like you alone. Whoa. 
I could never leave a girl like you at home.

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